Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Thank you.

This is my thank you letter to all those people who sent me a voucher/money for crimbo.

To **********
This letter is to say thank you so much for the voucher you gave me for Christmas. I'm going to save it until I find something I really like. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. I had a great time as everyone came over and spent the day with us. My main present was a lime green iPod-my favourite colour, so now when I go on holiday, I won't have to carry loads of cd’s with me! I also got some Nightmare Before Christmas bits like a wallet, and a photo frame as it’s my favourite film.

Teresa and Nik and the boys came down just after Christmas and spent New Year with us, it was really great to see them.

I'm back at school now and I am choosing my GCSE subjects. I also go to a drama group every Saturday, but I'm not taking part in the upcoming play as I will be away at Easter. Mum and Dad are taking me to the Maldives, I can't wait.
Thank you again for the money.

Lots of love from Elena xxx

Mum, Max and Me.

And here is my 8th 365 photo...


Vanda said...

That is really really good Elena :O)
Take another house point.

Love you tonnes of granny buns xXx

Gemma said...

Thats really great.

Just 1 little point, don't forget that if it's to Auntie Debra and Auntie Claire say about the vouchers at the beginning and end and to everyone else say about money at the beginning and end.

Other than that its great.

Love you lots, see tomorrow .