Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Two Sides To Every Story.

On the Friday 23th Dad, Mum, Gemma and Me, went up my Auntie Clarie's and stayed until Saturday. We set of at 3:45 so we could get the 4:30 ferry, then we got on the ferry then started off again, when we were on the other side. After a lot of traveling we got there, it had gone 10:30, so when we got in we sat down and watched a bit of T.V. Then unpacked the car so we could go to bed, it was Mum and Dad down stairs, Me and Gemma in Zoe's room, Zoe and Auntie Claire in Auntie Claire's room, and Matt in his room.
The next day Mum and Dad had gone shopping and came back with 7 pots of potted beef, after lunch Dad, Mum, Gemma and Me went to the hospital to see Nana from 2:00 till 4:00.She didn't look bad but she had purple marks were they had taken some blood. After lots of laughing and talking we went back to Auntie Claire's. The before dinner Dad, Mum and Gemma went back from 7:00 till 8:00, before they came back to the house they had to go and pick up dinner we were having chines.
The day we went home was weird because we usually stay longer, so after getting woken up by Dad because Me and Gemma had I lie in oops. We packed the car and set off once again but this time we were make a visit to mum's best friend Teresa. After saying hi to every one, having to cups of tea (not at once), and a hot cross bun. We set off to go home.
Here are some photo's.
A sign to the services.
Going to he services.Still going to the services.Arriving at the Services.The car park at the services.The back of the ferry.

And here is my 10th 365 photo... I got this fake £50 note when Teresa toke Me and the lads to Mabelthorpe.